“Handwriting is the shackle of the mind.”- Plato

To pen your thoughts would simply mean to write down your thoughts, however, did you know that the way those words are written, precisely - the alphabetical strokes, is influenced by the present mental state of the writer. Succinctly, handwriting is a projection of the submerged thoughts of a subconscious mind. Each alphabet draws an impression of the deep-rooted emotions on paper. Pen sciences is an organization driven by Hand-writing Analysts (Graphologists) certified from Hand Writing University, USA, led by the strong leadership of Bart Baggett. With the help of this science of Handwriting Analysis (Graphology),  we are able to provide assistance for Hiring Consultation/ Employment Profiling, Psychological Analysis, Marital Compatibility, Personality Development, Career Counselling, and much more. Graphology is a pseudoscience that helps understand strengths and weaknesses that may not show up explicitly.   What if the picture doesn’t look good? Does it work in reverse? We can work together to make it beautiful! Yes, through Grapho-therapy, the art of altering your emotions through your handwriting, you can metamorphose from what you are to what you aspire to become. Well, “bid adieu” to all the negative thoughts to “embrace” the refreshing changes in life. In the lieu of sharing the knowledge and helping others to move towards a better future, we decided to start our venture “Pen Sciences”. Our effort is dedicated to all of you, who are looking forward to positive personality changes, building confidence, determination, concentration, goal building, so on and so forth. We teach you how to “Write Right” and bring success in your life.